• company info FOR PARTNERS

    We want you to get the maximal profit from our partnership. That is why we have created special referral system for our clients. Now you can share your results with friends and get reward for each new user.

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    By the way, here you can look information about your existing referrals and received income. We are sure that everything has to be transparent and provide all information about your participation in referral system.

    So, all what you have to do is:
    1. 01

      register at NEO INVEST and
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    2. 02

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    3. 03

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    4. 04

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    We offer two-level referral system. First level (all people invited exactly by you) would bring you 6% income. Moreover, second level (everyone invited by your friends) would bring you 1% income. The more friends your invite, the more money you can get additionally!